Monday, 1 December 2014

Week 6 - Build and Record!

WALT – Think

Success criteria
·       be curious try to find out from the web examples of your builds in real life
·       be creative by adding the finishing touches to your build
·       be reflective by making your movie about what you have built

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.55.37 pm.png

Choose a goal that matches one or more of the success criteria - match it to your build group - for example ' I am going to be curious and find out what a police station actually looks like inside 

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Teacher Reflections - Week 6

Thoughts for week 6
KC - thinking about your build and now refine it. Be creative, perhaps add something that will make people go ‘wow’!
Be reflective in your thought process - think more closely at the detail of your build and improve an element of it. Ask advice on how to improve your build.

Things to consider
- view ULearn14 Minecraft student video again to compare and perhaps get more ideas to
 improve our World.
- roads to nowhere?
- consider our own Christchurch community - roads, traffic lights, roundabouts & signposts,
 public gardens and play parks
- consider Pioneer fitness centre/ old QEII for comparison.
- consider our houses and gardens in ChCh - rooftops, chimneys and fences

Next step learning
* Prompts sheet needed and practiced scripts to share their deeper inner thoughts about options they had and choices they made.

Audrey's Reflection Week 6
This week for me was the best for taking thinking to the next level. Most students claimed they had finished their first build. I set them a challenge to go back and add more detail, add something that will make someone say 'wow, that's awesome!'. Jake's re-lighting fire was a great example of a 'wow' moment showing a 'can do' attitude to persevere and work through to succeed.

The group video reflection again displayed thinking to the next level. They drafted original thoughts and ideas on paper then were able to explain their options and give reasons for their choices.

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