Monday, 1 December 2014

Making Moivies

A big challenge for Room 19 this week. with only two weeks to go we really want to finish off our builds, but we also need to complete our reflection videos. The software is all set up, we just need time to record. 


  • SHARING - These videos will be the only evidence we have of our world. We could get screen shots, but a video fly-by with our reflections on would a cool way to share our project with the real world. Our school and our parents will get to see our project

  • REFLECTION - a great way for us to think about how we have done and what we had to go through. This fits in with thinking about our goals and reflecting on them, part of Managing Ourselves. We can look back and see how we have developed our skills for the Key Competencies. 

  • INSPIRING - when we started this project we watched an amazing video by a Year 7 student called Thomas. His class had made a world based on a novel. It was a great inspiration for us to make our project come to life. It would be awesome if our videos could inspire other Minecrafters at different schools!

  • THE 4 Cs CommunicationCreativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking - to make a successful video we will need to communicate our ideas through oral language (speaking). We will ned two have discussed with our team what we would like to say, we will be thinking about how we have done and we will be reflecting upon what we have created


  • Danny at the South Learning Centre has set up the webcam and recording software. We will get to record our videos using a prompt sheet we have made up in class. We will take turns over the final two sessions to record and then later we can upload to Youtube for maximum sharing!


  • In class we will figure our some basics we would like to include. Perhaps a mix between what we built, why we built it, what options we had, what decisions we made? Also what major problems did we come across. We will have a class discussion to see what else we might like to include. 
Here is a prompt sheet we have figured out in class to help us with our movie commentary

  • How did we get started?
  • What inspired us? 
  • Why did we use certain materials?
  • Why did we choose our location? 
  • What choices could we have made?
  • Why did we not choose these?

  • Did we change our minds? Why?
  • What next? 

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