Monday, 24 November 2014

Week 5 - More Build Time!

This session will look more at why the Key Competencies (KCs) are our focus.

WALT – Self Manage

Success criteria
·       Set goals connected to Self Manage
·       Reflect upon this goal by giving real examples of how it went
·       Begin to understand why a Key Competency is important
Display the 3 x KCs posters that we have been using.

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Teacher Reflections - Week 5

Danny Week 5 Reflection

Time to consider how things look and how it all links together as a whole in the “Thorrington minecraft community”. Signage and ascetics need to be considered now that the infrastructure is in place. Video feedback worked well but was slower than expected and can’t be replicated on to each machine which is unfortunate as the students were pretty keen to get on board with this mode of reflection. Everyone is getting on well and adhering to the rules in general. Engagement is still high and the work done at school helps a great deal.

Audrey's Reflection week 5
Great to see Anton persevere building his elevator for the 3rd time. He showed true determination to get it functioning with red-stone circuits.
My discussion with the hotel group clarified the difference in hotel levels. Higher levels resulting in better views, better quality and higher costs made them think about their penthouse creation.
The school group have worked hard to clear their area and start their build. It will be interesting how they see their classroom layout  - traditional v modern?
The video trial - good to test as the conversations by the selected students were basic retells of what we could see and not of the decision and negotiations that had taken place to get to that final finished build. *

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