Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 2

Week 2 - Second Session - @Thorrington

Refer to the three competencies and discuss how we were using these in the previous session, e.g. ‘ a can do attitude’ to new skills in Minecraft, playing fairly by treating each other fairly in our new world, sharing ideas, being curious and being creative.
Re-cap on Build Groups
·    Farm
·    Police Station
·    Houses
·    Beach/Fishing
·    Hospital
·    Spawn Site
·    Roads/Bridges
·    Hotel
·    Health and Fitness Centre
- School
Focus - Relate To Others – negotiate and share ideas cooperatively

Aim: To agree on the locations for our first builds.
Stick A3 photocopies of aerial map view of our new world onto A2 paper and work in build groups to decide upon a suitable location for each build, e.g. police station, housing,
Using IWB annotate PDF map to agree on locations, offer each group a chance to justify their choices.
After initial debate, let groups talk amongst themselves to answer two questions –
1.      Happy with Location?
2.      Why/Why not?

Agree as a whole class the final locations (see map below)

Give Students time to make a top 5 goal list for things they need to achieve when they start their build next Tuesday

Week 2 w/c 27th October 2014

Second Session - @South Learning Centre

See below our locations - 
Jamie is working on a map to display on our World

First Build Locations.png

Some Paper Planning

See below our Pre and Post session comments - we have used a Padlet to share our thinking

                           Teacher Reflections - Week 2 

Week 2 reflections from Audrey

This week again saw great collaboration between groups and more are using ‘chat ‘ to ask for help, which is great to see.

Padlet is a great idea to capture their goals and reflections. Next lesson will hone in on 3 main Key Competencies and these will be the focus of the goals and reflection padlet.

A situation arose with some able individuals taking the ‘law into their own hands’ and overpowering others work. We understood their intention but the way they went about sorting the problem was not ideal. This situation was them addressed and solved by the whole class.

Speaking to the individuals later - I told them we were impressed at their creativity in building a flame thrower however it was not the best idea for this situation. The class voted on the best solution.

I love having individuals with more knowledge having the ability to share their skill via the large screen for all to learn. Well done Sam and your TNT idea! This sharing approach is one which should be encouraged to empower students, emphasising we are not always the experts!

Week 2 Reflections from Danny

Really enjoyed seeing the progression of collaboration this week. The work that had been done back in the classroom was clearly evident and had a positive effect on how the actual “minecraft”
session went.

I too felt that Padlet was a great tool for the students to get together on, in fact this seemed better than the brainstorming session around the paper printout of the world.

There was more good problem solving on display and it was great to see that decisions could be made as a class in a democratic way that everyone was on board with.

Favourite moment was seeing the students rise to the challenge we had posed as to how to “clear” the land - some very creative solutions were posed and a very good scenario initiated by one  student with all the others in agreement.

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